Thinking of Oxfam, I remember Harold Sumption

15 februari 2018

From the 1950s Harold Sumption (1917 - 1998) was the pioneer who laid the foundation for Oxfam's very successful fundraising with spectacular response advertisements in the newspapers and later direct mail. His involvement with Oxfam Great Britain, also as board member, lasted for thirty-five years. I met him for the first time when in the late 1980s when I joined the International Fundraising Workshop (now the IFC Congress), which he had founded.

door Jaap Zeekant

Because of his craftsmanship as a fundraiser, his warm commitment and the ethical principles through which he was guided as a quaker, he was one of the people who inspired me to dedicate myself to the development of fundraising as a real profession.

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Jaap Zeekant

Hoofdredacteur Vakblad fondsenwerving

Jaap was eind jaren 90 oprichter van Vakblad fondsenwerving. Hij was ruim een halve eeuw actief in de non-profitsector en 45 jaar serieus bezig met fondsenwerving. Hij was nauw betrokken bij de oprichting van wat tegenwoordig Goede Doelen Nederland is. Als oprichter van Vf was Jaap ook betrokken bij de oprichting van de Vakopleidingen Fondsenwerving. Daarnaast was hij founder van de Nationale Vakdag fondsenwerving. Jaap overleed geheel onverwachts op donderdag 28 mei 2020.