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19 Juni Vakbijeenkomst Professionele Fondsenwervers

13 mei 2015

Vrijdag 19 juni organiseren The Resource Alliance, IF-Academy, VFW Vakopleidingen Fondsenwerving én Vakblad Fondsenwerving de 2e Vakbijeenkomst Professionele Fondsenwervers van 2015.

door Redactie Vf

De bijeenkomst vindt plaats in Theater Gooiland te Hilversum. Het theater is prima te bereiken met zowel auto als openbaar vervoer. Dit is een bijeenkomst die je niet mag missen als professionele fondsenwerver! Meld je daarom nu aan!

12.00 – 13.30 uur Inloop met koffie/ thee/ fris en broodjeslunch.
13.30 – 14.15 uur (Inter)nationale topspreker (Engels!)
14.30 – 15.30 uur Netwerkborrel.

Over de sprekers

Jolan van Herwaarden

Jolan van Herwaarden
More than twenty years ago Jolan joined the Dutch Aids Fonds as an activist/volunteer in response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Amsterdam. Soon she was organising large fundraising events such as Walk for Life and World Aids Day on a national level. After six years Jolan moved on to MamaCash as their first professional fundraiser, became head of Fundraising and Communication for Simavi and set up the Major Donor programme for de Nederlandse Kanker bestrijding. As a child of an artistic family her love of art showed through when she organised Open Ateliers’ in Amsterdam and supported small museums as a volunteer fundraiser.

Ten years ago, she moved from the Netherlands to the United Kingdom and that gave her a fascinating insight in the differences and similarities of the civil society and third sector in both countries. More and more Jolan became an international fundraiser and researched fundraising opportunities in the international arena. This was supported by the fact that she was involved with the Session leaders at the International Fundraising Congress in Holland for the last fourteen years. Thus, she acquired a large network of international contacts and it has enabled me to learn and share experiences with fundraisers from all over the world.

Suzanne Cole Nowers
Known as one of the industry’s leading direct marketing and fundraising experts, Suzanne acts as the Direct Marketing strategic leader of agency Nexus Direct. Prior to founding Nexus Direct, Suzanne was Senior Vice President at Protocol Marketing Group. She became part of Protocol when her prior agency, MC Direct, was acquired in 2001. Suzanne joined MC Direct in 1991, after moving to Los Angeles from Washington, DC, where she had worked as a List Broker for Carol Enters List Company, CELCO, for 3 years. 

Suzanne has built fundraising programs for every sized American non-profit, including National Museum of Women in the Arts, Food for the Hungry, National Park Foundation, American Indian College Fund, the Smithsonian Institution, Union Rescue Mission and many more. Suzanne’s reach extends beyond the office, holding several positions in various professional organizations and boards, speaking at industry events, and most importantly, volunteering in her community.

 Suzanne Cole Nowers, is benoemd tot "IFC’s best new speaker 2014".

  Suzanne Cole Nowers

Meld je nu gelijk aan voor de vakbijeenkomst, aanmelden kan hier!

De Vakbijeenkomsten Professionele Fondsenwervers zijn uitsluitend toegankelijk voor medewerkers van en zzp’ers werkzaam bij/voor non-profitinstellingen. De toegang per vakbijeenkomst  is € 50,-- incl. btw. Ben je echter (oud)cursist van VFW Vakopleidingen Fondsenwerving die 2 of meer workshops heeft gevolgd ( 2012- 2014), Alumni en/ of cursist van de  IF-Academy, (oud)deelnemers aan het IFC-congres (2012-2014) of betalend abonnee van het Vakblad Fondsenwerving, dan is de toegang gratis!

Bron: Vakblad Fondsenwerving


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