Fotocredit: VU Center for Philanthropic Studies

International Symposium on Government Policy and Nonprofit Finance

Datum evenement: 
29 januari, 2018 - 14:00 tot 16:30
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Main building HG-2A00

With Arjen de Wit (VU), Mark Ottoni-Wilhelm (IUPUI, USA), and Sigrid Hemels (EUR) & Thesis Award NAP by Geert Sanders (Nyenrode) and Mariëtte Hamer (SER)

We would like to invite you to the international symposium on Government Policy and Nonprofit Finance on January 29, 2018 organized by the Center for Philanthropic Studies (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam). The symposium addresses two key questions on the relation between government policy and nonprofit finance. The first question is how direct government funding affects private giving, and the second question is how indirect funding through tax incentives affects giving. In the often heated debates on optimal design of tax incentives for charitable giving, empirical evidence on their effects is of crucial importance. Three speakers present results of academic research. Responses from practitioners in government and fundraising are invited to open the discussion on the policy implications of the findings.

At the second part of the symposium the NAP Thesis Award will be awarded for the best master thesis in the field of philanthropy.

The symposium is free and open to professionals, scientists, students and other interested persons. Please register your attendance via this link before January 26.

You can find the official invitation with all the information about the symposium here.