Vakbijeenkomsten Professionele Fondsenwervers

In samenwerking met de 3F-Academyde Resource Alliance (IFC) en de Vakopleidingen Fondsenwerving, organiseert Vakblad Fondsenwerving Vakbijeenkomsten professionele fondsenwervers. Deze bijeenkomsten zijn uitsluitend toegankelijk voor iedereen die actief is in de fondsenwerving, dus zowel werkzaam bij een non-profitinstelling, of zzp'er als bij een bureau of dienstverlener.

De toegang is gratis voor betalende abonnees van Vakblad Fondsenwerving. Ook is de toegang gratis voor (oud) cursisten van VFW Vakopleidingen Fondsenwerving die 2 of meer workshops heeft gevolgd (2012- 2016), Alumni en/of cursist van de  3F-Academy en (oud) deelnemers aan het IFC (2012-2015). Voor alle andere is de toegang € 50,- (incl. btw)**

De bijeenkomsten zijn van 13.30 tot 16.00 uur en wordt gehouden in het Gooiland Theater in Hilversum. De locatie is met de auto als met het openbaar vervoer goed bereikbaar.

Deze bijeenkomst worden mede mogelijk gemaakt door onze sponsoren: 

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Vakbijeenkomst 10 juni 2016, spreker: Esther Kwaku

About Esther Kwaku

Esther KwakuChange-maker, music lover and coffee enthusiast – Esther is driven by social good and memorable storytelling. After 17 years in the sector and now working with the Resource Alliance, her role is to bring their work to life, inspire teams and bring energy and vision into the marketing and communications work across the IFC, Fundraising Online, digital platforms and international programmes. Previously Esther has worked in specialist DM, fundraising and leadership roles for non-profits including Children in Crisis, Concern Worldwide and ADD International. In her spare time she takes up photography and film projects in developing countries.Music lover, coffee enthusiast and salsa dancer. Driven by powerful storytelling, Esther likes to stimulate ideas, creativity and collaborative thinking. She counts teamwork as high up there amidst the many things she enjoys doing.

Asking the Right Questions
​Hindsight is such a wonderful thing. How many times have you stopped to wonder why you got into this game we call fundraising?  Esther wondered this two years ago and soon as she figured out the “why” she quit her job! Risky but very worth it. She’s now working with the Resource Alliance who brings together the best minds in the sector to create powerful change in the sector. In this session Esther will be sharing her story, insights and her experiences as she has navigated her way to leadership and unravelled the “why”. Does what you do bring out your brilliance? Do you shine as a fundraiser change-maker or are you doing things the way you’ve always done things? She will illustrate what it looks like when we connect to our “why” and shift our mindsets to think differently, and the impact that has your organisation. She will also present to you some very cool ideas from game-changers disrupting the social impact sector today.



* * De Vakbijeenkomsten zijn uitsluitend toegankelijk voor medewerkers van en zzp'ers werkzaam bij non-profitinstellingen. De toegang per vakbijeenkomst is € 50,- incl. btw. Ben je: betalend abonnee van Vakblad Fondsenwerving(oud) cursist van VFW Vakopleidingen Fondsenwerving die 2 of meer workshops heeft gevolgd (2012 - 2016), alumni en/of cursist van de 3F-Academy of (oud) deelnemers aan het IFC (2012 - 2015)? Dan is de toegang gratis!