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Officer for Individual Fundraising

Officer for Individual Fundraising

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Officer for Individual Fundraising
Mama Cash
€2.858 - €3.988 (o.b.v. fulltime)

Mama Cash is looking for an Officer for Individual Fundraising (32 hours/week), based in Amsterdam. 

Job summary

The Officer for Individual Fundraising is responsible for developing and delivering on- and offline peer-to-peer and other fundraising campaigns and contributes actively to other areas of individual fundraising: event organising, direct marketing, prospect research.  

Purpose of the position

The Officer for Individual Fundraising implements Mama Cash’s online, peer-to-peer and event fundraising and brings creativity, focus and both digital and analog skill to our resource mobilisation. 

Essential job function

A. Fundraising  

  • Develops, coordinates and implements online fundraising strategies, focuses on peer-to-peer fundraising and online campaigning;
  • Delivers individual donor acquisition through online channels (social media, online communities, peer-led activities on- and offline), and focuses on core and mid- level donors for Dutch and English speaking audiences; 
  • Develops relationships with corporate partners and corporate sponsors for peer-to-peer fundraising and events, as well as maximises warm partner/sponsor contacts;
  • Identifies, establishes and develops long-term relationships with participants, groups and associations to maximise participation, fundraising and year-over-year retention;
  • Coordinates project teams with staff and external consultants related to online, social and peer-to-peer fundraising and campaigning strategies;
  • Organises donor and fundraising activities together with individual fundraising team; 
  • Represents Mama Cash at public events and donor events;

B. Backend, Data & Tracking 

  • Ensures streamlined, up-to-date online giving experiences on Mama Cash and 3rd party platforms; 
  • Monitors and tracks fundraising progress using the database; updates, inputs and runs data reports and uses them to adapt and improve Mama Cash’s fundraising; 
  • Tracks and reports recruitment and fundraising activity against agreed performance indicators and targets; 
  • Ensures adherence to budgets for online and peer-to-peer fundraising activities. 

Knowledge, skills and abilities:

  • Fully committed to Mama Cash’s mission, values and objectives; 
  • Proven skills in professional social media use (optimisation, tracking); 
  • A Proactive self-starter with organisational and administrative skills and the ability to coordinate multiple ongoing projects at the same time;
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, with the ability to interact with people from a wide diversity of backgrounds and cultures;
  • Expert level of verbal and written communications skills in Dutch and English;
  • Ability to work independently and as a member of a team;
  • Advanced skills in PC-environment and MS Office, and with database programmes.  

Education and experience:

  • Minimum 5 years of experience in developing, implementing, optimising and leading fundraising activities, preferably online, peer-to-peer fundraising and/or online campaigning; 
  • Experience working in or with feminist movements or other social justice movements. Experience organising activist, cause-driven campaigns and direct actions a plus; 
  • Lived or work experience in the Global South and East is a plus; 
  • We encourage people who have direct experience of injustice (including but not limited to sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, classism and/or disablism – and their intersections) to apply.

What does Mama Cash offer? 

We offer an engaging and professional work environment in an international foundation committed to diversity, solidarity, peace and justice. Our office is centrally located in Amsterdam. The monthly salary for this position depends upon experience and is based on CAO Welzijn, scale 9, (min.) € 2.858 (max.) € 3.988, 8% vacation allowance, 13th month, and pension plan.

Are you interested in the position? 

Both a letter of motivation and CV (resume) need to be submitted in English, using the form below.

Deadline for application: March 22nd, 2019.

Please note that a EU work permit is required.

We value the expertise and knowledge of those who have directly experienced injustice and are working to create the change Mama Cash believes in. 

We particularly welcome applications from those targeted by racism, homophobia, transphobia, classism and disablism.

For more information please contact Hadewych Lammers, senior officer for individual donor relations: