IFC 2022: Online and in person

IFC 202218 oktober 2022


18-21 oktober 2022


NH Noordwijk Conference Centre Leeuwenhorst (or online)


Why join us for IFC?

Two years into the global pandemic, we can’t go back to the way things were. The world rocked on its axis, and things are not the same.

Our work and personal lives collided. Technology leapt forward. There is a greater sense of human connection – with the self and with humanity as a whole. There is a greater sense that things need to change because they can and because they must.

Yet, all around us, we see increased polarisation and discrimination; instability as global powers shift and wars erupt; and escalating costs exacerbating poverty and inequality as the climate crisis continues.

In this 40th year of IFC, we need to ask ourselves not what the next 40 years will look like, but the next three. We need to challenge ourselves on our duty, our roles, and our impact, and consider how we accelerate change.

If we repeat what we have done for the last 40 years, can things really change? How can we activate our impact together through true collaboration? What new things do we need to consider and how do we adapt? And how do we achieve impactful partnerships and alliances beyond our own communities?

This is both an exciting time and a challenging time, and these are just some of the questions we want you to ask and help answer.

At IFC 2022, we will be starting our journey of change together, doing things a little differently, keeping the tried and tested, and pushing some boundaries. Because IFC cannot stand still in a world that is so changed.

We are excited to be meeting you all again in October after being separated for far too long. And we are looking forward to shaping the future together.

What happens at IFC?

• Opening and closing plenaries

Curated and created for IFC, we kick things off and end them on a high. Plenaries are designed to inspire, educate and challenge you. In 2018, our closing plenary was given by the winners of the Nobel Peace Prize. In 2019, our opening plenary speaker’s story has been adapted into a Netflix feature film and their TEDTalk has been viewed over 2.2 million times.

• Big Room events

Big topics and big debates presented to a big crowd on a big stage in a big room. Big Room events are presented by internationally renowned speakers and are your chance to see some of the brightest minds in fundraising who are tackling the most challenging issues our world is facing today.

• Masterclasses

These are intensive, small group sessions across the first two days of IFC before the majority of our delegates arrive. Masterclasses at IFC are limited capacity; participants experience powerful conversations, deep-dive learning, and genuine connection.

• Workshops

A wealth of practical, strategic learning is condensed down into 90-minute sessions presented by some of the most inspiring people in the social impact sector. Topics cover everything from behavioural marketing and major donor fundraising, to supporter experience and donor retention.

• Gala night

The infamous IFC gala is always an opportunity to let your hair down, but this year is extra special. This year, the gala will be held in celebration of the IFC’s fortieth birthday, delayed for the last two years.

• Networking opportunities

During meals, over drinks, between sessions – there is no better place to meet and connect with other fundraisers and campaigners from everywhere in the world than at IFC. Don’t worry, we have dedicated networking events, too.

For a limited time, package rates are available for the hybrid event as follows:

Register by 16 September and your in-person ticket will include:

  • For masterclass ticket-holders on a first-come, first-served basis (numbers will be limited!): Your invitation to an exclusive reception with our speakers on Tuesday 18 October
  • Membership of the Resource Alliance Global Community through December 2023. Membership includes your ticket to #FRO2023; your online ticket to IFC in 2023 (or 10% off your in-person ticket); monthly live keynotes and our Ask The Expert sessions; regular networking events; and 24/7 access to our ever-growing content library
Standard rate Package rate
IFC with masterclass & accommodation £3,085 £2,985
IFC with masterclass & without accommodation £2,600 £2,500
IFC standard programme with accommodation £2,235 £2,135
IFC standard programme without accommodation £1,950 £1,850

Register by 16 September and your online ticket will include m
embership of our Global Community through August 2023. Membership includes your ticket to #FRO2023; monthly live keynotes and our Ask The Expert sessions; regular networking events; and 24/7 access to our ever-growing content library. The package price for IFC Online is £120.


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